Refugee Crisis

imageThis topic is of special interest.

“In a 289-137 vote, the House on Thursday easily approved legislation that requires new screening requirements on refugees from Syria and Iraq before they can enter the United States.” (Internet source)…..

The refugee crisis intensity.
Has the world got to the gutters. When did we divorce humanity??
What does it mean for the Americans to pass the bill against refugees. The House passing a bill restricting severely the admission of refugees means alot in the human rights scene. The 47 Democrats joining the House to have this law passed has taken the world by storm.
As far as i know those “First World Countries credit themselves as towers of human rights”
Now what is left for the refugees they are left hither and thither more less like stateless people!!
Little children, the future generation. Being a refugee does not mean you will be treated like a some sorts of trash!!!
Lets sober up…
Remember todays its me and tomorrow it’s somebody else.

Lets unite for the greater cause thats humanity



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