Popal Visit in Uganda


OWhat does the Popal visit mean for Ugandans.
Days draw near all believers cannot wait for the Pope’s visit.
Hoteliers and business oriented people are all in joy as its time for them to blossom. The Holy Father Pope Francis is surely going to grace us with the apogee and the onyx of blessings.
With companies on board like Airtel Telecommunications with promotions of “yotota Namugongo” which means lets refurbish the Uganda Martyrs shrine surely is shinning for the great works. MTN the rival company also with its contributions of fifty million Uganda shillings is all for the just cause of having a flomboyant visit. This visit is equated to the Vistiation in The Bible when Mary got the good news of the conception of Jesus. All believers cleaning their “dirty linen” by confessing their sins will surely leave Uganda reformed.
Its not only the Catholics in a joyous mood but all of Africa is in the eager, just as a child receives a gift of Santa Claus. I feel peace at heart this is once in a life of time experience. Its like the holy choirs are gracing Uganda.
This feels like Christmas and New Years’ intertwinned. It will surely snow in the Pearl of Africa. All people will put on there best “busuti” and “mivumba” which means clothes, all dresses to the nines. Artists creativity now at its best _with Bobi wine a reknown music artist having released his Popal song all artists will follow suite.
It surely feels good to host the Pope.
For God and my Country





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