Green Hill Academy speech presented by me;

The Rector, The Head teacher, teaching staff, non- teaching staff and the students
Good morning.
Am Ddamulira Pius also known as PAPA or DADDY. This is my experience, and a million reasons why Greenhill Academy is the right school to get you education from;
I was quite nostalgic when I got this invitation this triggered the best of memories .Smiles are imprinted on my heart about the yester years I spent here. Oh hail Greenhill Academy.
You only learn to appreciate something only after losing it. I was here from 2011 to 2012 did History, Economics, Literature and Divinity. Excelled highly courtesy Greenhill Academy.
Now at Uganda Christian University pursuing a bachelor of laws now in my second year.
Though, far away this is home sweet home. I was the boarding prefect. I do remember the first class services offered in regard to
Academics the friendly teachers, a well-stocked library the plays in the literature class, career talks and the university exhibitions and the school trips
religious affairs a vibrant laity and praise and worship
extra  circular activities the sports days, talent competitions  and the swimming lessons
crème de la crème moments prom and  the meals
This mirrors a holistic type of education look at the parental involvement in academic meetings, energetic and charismatic staff, the mix of veteran and new teachers, safety and an organized environment, a clear mission and vision (extend your horizons)
This all prepares you for life after keys issues addressed at Greenhill are academic excellence social interaction, motivation, and confidence enshrined all in a quality education.
I truly had a quite a share of the national cake of this marvel Greenhill Academy.
What counts is what one has done but not what one had the intention of doing. Look back at what you have done;
ask you yourself one question
1) What have I done to steer me towards my dream?
You do have the opportunity to elevate your destiny to the dream of ecstasy that is success. Expand your horizons, explore your future and exceed your expectations.
Know who you are, know what brought from here don’t take anything in regards to academics for granted.
Look at the resources at hand utilize them and you will see yourself achieving your dream in this mighty institution.
If I say thanks it’s to the persons who actually shaped my personality that is GREENHILL ACADEMY. There is barely a bit I have forgotten the about the good times that sweep me to Utopia.
Don’t forget High School is the best part of growing up and being a teenager utilize all you have right now and make it to the academic jungle.
Don’t live a life of regret appreciate what you have you are in one of the best schools in Uganda.
A fruitful future “awaits” if you are hardworking and determined you will make it and that’s the bottom line.
find me on facebook Pius Ddamulira follow me on twitter@945184 call me on 0704357386 and whatsapp me on 0774913545


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