The Scandal. Am not a political analyst but this has gotten to my nerves. One thing my mother taught me is that we are stronger than before and have to walk with my heads held high like a marabou stocks. Her wise counsel sunk in me that when the kitchen is hot wait for it to cool and jump in to deal with the heat. And well thats what i did, now the tide is low i critic the irregularities that mirrored the Uganda Christian University How could we go for the voting and on the d-day ballot papers are not enough. Am really bitter what really happened?! The mighty institution to the ill-equipped Electoral Commission to make it worse the polling agents had divorced interpersonal skills therefore exhibited the highest levels of incomptence. I wonder which criteria was used to hire the electoral commission it seemed to me only a single bracket of people was chosen( from the West) When people ask why are you bitter, “its for the good cause” that i react in such a way Are we waiting for the university to go hither thither Lets wake up and know reality is amidst us. Tribalism and favouritism remains vivid though in disguise. The change is you….


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